Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Obama's Nonsensical Foreign Policy

I fired up the lap top this morning planning to write about Obama's idiotic plans to reduce our nuclear stockpile by 80% when rogue nations like Iran and North Korea continue to expand their ambitions in such weaponry. Then I saw an article on Obama's continued British betrayal of the Falklands and then saw a friend of mine was getting married.

Besides the engagement (goodluck Brianna and Tyson), nothing is making sense in the world today.

The leader of the free world is considering an 80% reduction in our nuclear arsenal for no realistic, or strategic reason, especially when you consider Russia would never do likewise and our arsenal is the world's best assurance not to mess with us, not to mention our enemies will correctly diagnose such a move as continued weakness on our part.

On top of that he is pushing our military down the road towards weakness with a smaller force and he is cutting our continued training of Afghan forces, which is vital in keeping the nation secure once we abandon them for his reelection hopes. And then I read about his continued pandering to Argentina on the Falkland Islands, which in every sense of the word belong to Britain.

Is it just me, or has the United States government under Obama gone batshit crazy, because his ideas of leading the free world look more like not giving a damn about the free world and in fact giving up on our responsibility to do such. All he needs to do is fire Petraeus, and I'll completely lose it, and be forced into a mental asylum.

What say you?

P.S. - I just remembered Syria, but I shall refrain before busting my heart valves wide open....

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