Saturday, February 11, 2012

Syrian General Assassinated

Talk about the situation intensifying in Syria over night: the United States is holding talks with allies outside the United Nations to find a solution to the ongoing humanitarian crisis and the Syrian rebels assassinated Brigadier General Issa al-Khouli outside his home in Damascus.

I'm not exactly sure what the death of al-Khouli will mean in the long run, but he was one of Assad's highest ranking military officers, who was the chief of a military hospital in the capital and the crisis could very well escalate even further. One thing is for sure, the opposition does have some training - something that is absolutely vital if we decide to arm them.

As for the United States consulting France, Morocco and Turkey over future action against the Assad regime, it reveals 1. the impotency of the United Nations to resolve this conflict, 2. the seriousness of Syria's situation, 3. the understand America has that this situation must be resolved and 4. that Obama has realized going the unilateral route is often necessary.

This conflict will not be resolved quickly, and the United States must take action before Assad takes action based on his father's example of destroying an entire city just to defeat the enemy, careless to civilian deaths...

The clock is ticking.

What say you?

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