Saturday, February 11, 2012

Romney Wins Maine Caucuses

After a string of disappointing finishes on Tuesday, Mitt Romney has once again claimed the Maine Republican caucuses, albeit by a smaller margin then 2008 when no-one competed against him, and topped Santorum in CPAC's annual presidential straw poll by seven points.

Maine GOP caucus results (84% of precints reporting):

Romney - 39.2%
Ron Paul - 35.7%
Santorum - 17.7%
Gingrich - 6.2%
Others - 1.1%

Paul has heavily contested the Maine caucuses, which Romney won with over 50% last time around, while Romney mostly took the state for granted until this past weekend when he flew up to campaign after focusing on Colorado earlier this week. Both Santorum and Gingrich ignored the state.

The caucus is non-binding, so no delegates will be awarded until the state convention, and this is the last contest before Romney leading Arizona and Michigan head to the polls in two weeks, which will set up Super Tuesday's big event in March.

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