Friday, February 24, 2012

Republican Pulls Ahead in MT Senate Poll

Democrat Jon Tester won election to the Senate in 2006 on a wave of public discontent. Against incumbent Conrad Burns, he won by .9% and with under 50% of the vote. Burns had an approval rating of under 40%.

Now, Tester is up against Congressman and former Lieutenant Governor Denny Rehberg. According to Rasmussen's polling, Rehberg is ahead of the incumbent.

Rehberg: 47%
Tester: 44%
Other/und: 10%

The fact that Tester is significantly under 50% is a real notch against him at this point in the race. The people of Montana have a libertarian streak and strongly oppose ObamaCare. When Tester ran in 2006, he ran as a moderate and then voted for the health care overhaul.

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