Saturday, February 04, 2012

Nevada Votes... Romney

I guess there's no suspense to tonight's Nevada Caucuses: Mitt Romney will win the Silver State big, possibly by thirty points over his closest opponent - topping fifty percent of the vote and winning his second straight state by double digits, while claiming somewhere around 75% of the 28 delegates.

Still, 60,000 individuals are voting tonight, and could very well surprise everyone by making Paul the runner-up, or by giving Gingrich a large share of votes then expected. So there are story lines to come out, just not a change of cast in regards to who comes away with the delegates and the victory.

One thing is for sure: this is the last prize until February 28th, when Arizona and Michigan vote, with several non-binding caucuses and primaries in between that really don't mean much, expect to gauge momentum and sentiment in the party ranks, which have been trending towards Romney the past two weeks.

Either way, if you're a Republican and you have the time to vote - VOTE! Only you can make your voice heard and your vote count. Don't rely on anyone but yourself to represent you.

What say you?

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