Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ron Paul Projected to Come in Third in Iowa

With 87.5% of precincts reporting, Pundit Press is projecting that Ron Paul will come in third place in the Iowa caucus.

At 10:51pm, the vote percentages stand at:

Rick Santorum- 24.6%
Mitt Romney- 24.5%
Ron Paul- 21.1%
Newt Gingrich- 13.2%
Rick Perry- 10.3%
Michele Bachmann- 5.1%
Jon Huntsman- .6%

Ron Paul would have to heavily win the 12.5% of the remaining precincts to get out of third place and it is very unlikely that he will do so.
Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney, however, are much too close in votes to call either way.

Live results can be found here.

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