Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Rick Perry: "I am Returning to Texas"

In a campaign speech late Tuesday night, Governor Rick Perry stated that he is "returning to Texas" to reassess whether he is going to continue running for President.

The speech contained several emotional moments, in particular two moments. The first was when he read a letter from an adoring supporter who called him a "great man." The letter described a conversation that Mr. Perry had had with a soldier and how his supporter looked on in awe as he watched Governor Perry call the veteran his "Christian brother."
The second was when Perry announced that he would be returning to Texas to reassess whether he will continue his pursuit for the White House. Mr. Perry paused several times and appeared to be on the verge of tears as he winded down his speech.

Governor Perry came in fifth place in the Iowa caucus today, barely breaking ten percent of the vote. His announcement tonight likely marks the end to his campaign.

USA Today quotes Perry, "With the voters decision, I decided to return to Texas and determine if there is a path forward."

You can get live Iowa results here.

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  1. As a token of my appreciation, I will promise to do my part to ensure that he does NOT have a job as Texas governor in 2014 either!

  2. Rick Perry, you should have never got in the first place. You can't even debate right, Obama would mop the floor with your weak self!

  3. One less undesirable in the way..