Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thoughts on the 2012 race

I didn't get to watch the latest presidential debate last night, due to work, but I gather three things of significance occurred:

1. Rick Perry forgot he wants to eliminate the Energy Department.
2. Newt Gingrich had to explain business can hire employees, and at the same make profits (Wal-Mart, which hired me four weeks ago, has done pretty well with over 2 million associates) to Jim Cramer.
3. Mitt Romney defended his position that we need the housing market to hit rock bottom before we can recover and that government intervention in the foreclosure process is counter-productive to that goal.

The narrative of our 2012 campaign is going to be centered around bringing our governments policies back to private sector friendly, and in order to that, we must decide who among our 2012 candidates is ready for the difficult task ahead - not just the campaigning part, but the governing part as well.

What say you?

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