Thursday, November 10, 2011

Occupy Burlington Protester Fatally Shot at Rally; Protesters Say He Killed Himself

According to Burlington police, a man was found dead at Occupy Burlington today. On the man's body was a gun shot wound, which ended his life.

Although the police investigation has just started, Occupy protesters insist that the man, whose name has not yet been released, had taken his own life. Burlington "Occupiers" clashed with the police after they had arrived on scene.

Much of the fracas was because Burlington law enforcement has stated that they need to take control of City Hall Park, where the protesters are being held, for twenty-four hours to investigate the death. Many protesters have refused to move, stressing once again that the man's death was "self-inflicted."
Near the scene of the crime
One of the Occupiers called the man's death a "tragedy of society." Another vowed that Occupy Burlington would go on, stating, "We’re not about to stop because of this."

Police have stated that there is no threat to the public. They have also said that rules of the encampment might be "changed" because of the incident.

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