Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Slippery Slope of Liberalism

A young couple from South Africa that was engaged to be married and about to become parents have discovered that they are actually brother and sister.  The parents of the couple split up when the women was 8 months old and the man was 2.  The father has been quoted as saying he left his wife due to her being unfaithful.  The wife kept the daughter and the husband raised the son, both as single parents.  They never told their children they had siblings.  Quite obviously neither parent had any interest in their other child either.

We live in a culture that has changed the meaning of parenthood in so many ways of late, that it is considered perfectly acceptable to lie to your children about where they come from and have bonds between child and parent.  These parents raised their children like they had either a sperm donor or a uterus host instead of another parent.

These children have grown into adults and went to college where they met and fell in love with each other.  Apparently, there is also a term for immediate family members who grow up not knowing each other who develop a strong sexual attraction to each other:
Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) is a term that describes the phenomenon of sexual attraction between close relatives, such as siblings, first and second cousins or a parent and offspring who first meet as adults.
It is not the same as incest, though this is what it is called if a sexual relationship is then entered into.
The term GSA was coined 30 years ago by American Barbara Gonyo. She wrote a book about the lust she felt for the adult son she had given up for adoption 26 years earlier.
She never acted on her feelings.
GSA is rare between people raised together in early childhood due to a reverse sexual imprinting known as the Westermarck effect, which desensitizes them from sexual attraction.
Experts believe that this effect evolved to prevent inbreeding.
A child is about to born through incest.  A couple is heartbroken.  A family has been destroyed.  All because two parents decided to be selfish instead of telling their children the truth about their family and to swallow their pride and put their children first.

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