Saturday, November 05, 2011

Occupy Seattle Schedules "Anarchist Multimedia Extravaganza," Calls for "End of System"

Unsurprisingly, those that claim to be "oppressed" at Occupy Seattle have laptops, iPhones, internet access, and movie projectors.  They also have a website on which they have published a schedule of upcoming events.

This coming Monday, November 7, Occupy Seattle will be having an Anarchist Multimedia Extravaganza.  Here is the description that they have posted to their site:
There are so many disgusting things wrong with this, it is almost impossible to know where to start.  First, notice what they have, despite being "poor:" movie projectors, access to films, and enough money to either hire a DJ.

Second, the riots in France in May 1968 were actually Left of the communists in that country, as the protesters created a "new" kind of strike.  It also led to tremendous violence where protesters would overturn random cars and burn down buildings.  It looked like this:
Third, notice who is sponsoring the event.  "Socialist Alternative and various anarchists?"  This is the hundredth example that I have seen that destroys the Left's argument that OWS isn't calling for the end of capitalism and democracy.

Here are other scheduled events (all visible on their website).  A discussion on Socialist Feminism and Anarchism, which asks, "How can capitalism and the state be abolished?"
And today's schedule (note Planned Parenthood and socialism):
Do these nut jobs represent you?  I certainly hope not.

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  1. This reeks of a COINTELPRO staged media event to smear the occupy protesters by accusing them of wanting a lawless society.

    In point of fact what Occupy wants is for the Wall Street money-junkies behind the mortgage-backed securities fraud to go to prison, as happened in Iceland.

    But the FBI works for the money-junkies, not for the American people, which is why you are seeing this endless parade of "Occupy is Communist-anarchist-anti-Semtitic-Marxist, leftist-rightist-atheistic-theocratic-drugged-out-hippies!"

    The FBI COINTELPRO did the same thing to the anti-Vietnam protesters in the 1960s.

    And we remember.

    - Mike Rivero -

  2. This is on the Occupy Seattle website itself. There's no conspiracy, they scheduled it.

  3. Sounds like Anonymous reeks of being an FBI agent himself. Is he saying the goals of OWS aren't to bring down our corrupt system? Sounds like disinformation if you ask me.

  4. An end to capitalism and democracy? Capitalism is when firms that go bankrupt, go bankrupt, and democracy is when the opinion of the majority of the people is the same as the policy of the government.

    At this point, almost anyone who can fog a mirror can figure out we don't have even a shadow of a resemblance of either of those things, and haven't for some time now.

    Please keep voting on your black-box voting machines and depositing your Central Bank Notes at the local cartel branch if it makes you feel better though.

  5. RM you are totally clueless if you don't know who Mike Rivero is. Clearly you are the disinformation plant.

  6. Speaking as the individual who posted this content on the calendar (as it is part of my duty to take items and post them on-line), I would like to point out that on the calendar page it says the following:

    "Events listed here are NOT necessarily sponsored or endorsed by Occupy Seattle or approved by the General Assembly. Many events are put on by work groups, outside organizations or individuals in solidarity to our movement."


  7. You're kidding, right? What Occupy rallies are you attending? You come to Westlake Park and we'll set you straight. You want us to keep our system, keep capitalism when we can all be equals under socialism? You sound like Tea Party fascists

  8. 1) RM, though the rallies may be at Westlake, the camp and daily activities are at SCCC. If you wanted to actually set anybody straight, that's where you'd be.

    2) None of our rallies have supported any political agenda. People are open to speak their mind, capitalist, socialist, anarchist, etc., alike.


  9. Hi everybody. Well, anarchists are usually
    youths developing their minds where they
    believe foolishly they know it all already
    without thought. Like a TeaBag Rightard
    says, 'government always bad -whew, easy.
    Don't need to understand tricky regressive
    tax policies that eat away at our living
    conditions.' But anyway, when free speech
    is garnered in healthy Public debate,
    Anarchists, like pro-lawless Libertarians
    are soundly ridiculed as dumbass. Still
    love the truly great Rivero though...

    Johnny 2012

  10. So, according to you I'm at the rallies and I'm "open to speak my mind?" How am I a troll, troll? You just proved that I'm at Westlake and you're dumb enough to lie right after that?

    And at Johnny 2012, I agree, right-wingers are douches. We need socialism!

  11. I would just like to point out that, while there are many socialists and communists protesting, there are still thise who choose liberty trying to get their message heard also. Anyone who believes the current US economic system is real free-market capitalism is up in the night. No, I don't want us all to be economically equal. I want people to get what they are willing to work for. Economic inequality drives innovation. I want freedom and anyone who wants to take my freedom is a tyrant.

    Try this exercise. "Skip to the gun". At what point, in your system, is force and, as such, violence used against me if I choose to live my life differently than how you or some other disconnected
    beaurocrat decides? Skip to gun: Is that freedom? Is that liberty?

    I just want to be left alone while government, by it's nature, needs to inject itself into my life. I believe we need some government to protect rights and that's it. Everyone needs to take responsibility for themselves.

  12. OWSSeattle has been hijacked by COINTELPRO or Charlie Numbskull. These jackasses have no purpose in life beyond acting like ants on a picnic. Every progressive agenda is hijacked by dill weeds and the 'nice passive' crowd lets them get away with it. Anarchy is stupid because in anarchy, lazy self centered criminals do not work. They brutalize, molest, and steal and worse.

    Left on their own, the police can not be trusted. Bullies and molesters surely can't be trusted on their own. The police pull this crap and they don't know that their own pension funds and private investments are being looted and granny's house is about to be yanked out from under granny.

  13. Mike, I am very surprised at you regurgitating the common misrepresentation of anarchism. True anarchism does envisage a lawless society, but rather promotes a system in which individuals are free to govern themselves. In this much, the anarchist and libertarian agree.

    Not everyone you (or I) disagree with is Cointelpro!

  14. Apeman, can you provide any evidence to back up your ad-hominem laden excuse for an attack on anarchists? Do you believe that (inevitably corrupt) government is better than individuals governing their own lives?

  15. Marginalising and Polaraising, hehe.
    Works every time, the group may be "legetim", but their range of impact is something different. And as usaly MSM find them and blows it beyound any reasonable proportions.

    Anarcists is a slogan widly missunderstud, by many. A true anarcist would dream of, and onder no circumstansess destro or harm a nother person/proparty. Voilenc and destruction has Nothing to do with the Idea and Meaning behind the notion Anarcist.

    And dont forgett:
    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi


  16. Well you won't have time to fight the establishment cause it sounds like your already fighting each other. It is a fact that the FBI and other Law Enforcement use infiltrators and counter propaganda. They have a bigger megaphone and use it.Until there is proof that a particular person or group is false, its inflammatory to state that they are. That said, Anarchists are almost as big a bogeyman as Commies or the dreaded Socialists to the average sheeple.

  17. The only hope you have is to get on the band wagon for Ron Paul. Socialism with the ruling elite funding it at the top is not freedom. Restoring our republic and our constitution should be the goal.

  18. Problem
    Don't give them what they want! As they have the solution waiting in the wings and they will make you think, that you want it and came up with it! They are devious, clever devils!

  19. Mike Rivero runs a great website that actually has articles posted from all over the political spectrum from the far far right to the far far left and everything in between. But nothing neo-con or neo-lib, which is the problem right now. And honestly, I can't tell the difference substantively between these poles anymore. Really we are moving beyond left and right. Words like 'socialism' and 'communism' and 'anarchism' are just not going to fly in the USA. You might as well call yourselves muslim. But what about a Christian that says Judas died on the cross and follows five pillars of moral practice, and prays daily facing east? Likewise, you can be 'for capitalism' that says that there shouldn't be a ruling class and that loans should be made without usurious cost and instead through credit unionism? Proudhon? A Capitalism that limits corporate ownership to equal shares of employees of the firm in question? A Capitalism which aims to develop the means of production towards total home production using advanced technology and free energy? There are hard rightists in the far left and radical leftists in the ultra right. That's the actual terrain we live in today. The real delineating questions aren't being asked. They are muddled through 20th century discursive traps.

  20. Restore the constitution, which will effectively end the FED and illegal wars. Capitalism works if there is no corruption. Enforce the law and prosecute corruption. Start the Revolution by Voting Ron Paul. Research and spread knowledge.

  21. My earlier comment should have read "True anarchism does not envisage". That's what I get for commenting before I had my coffee :)

    Unknown has it exactly. The distinction between right and left is as blurred as it could be, rendering the two terms meaningless. The real choice is between tyranny and liberty, and I know which I choose.

  22. RM, the rad, gut-wrenching dialogue where people "speak their mind" is at SCCC. Westlake is a ghost town for Occupy (except on weekends). If you actually were at Occupy, and knew what was going on, you would know that key fact.

  23. Agree Totally with Tom, but definitely agree in spirit with all the posters, I know we are coming from different political cultures that use different 'meanings' of words but intend the same. Ron Paul IS the candidate for any progressive 'liberal' who still believes in voting (i'm not addressing the pros v cons either way).

  24. Mike Rivero -
    This reeks of a COINTELPRO staged media event to smear the occupy protesters by accusing them of wanting a lawless society.

    I have seen video of OWS "protestors" knocking over a police motorcycle. I have seen violent 'tweets' of their leaders pissed that "protestors" have the gall to report such things as rape and theft to legitimate law enforcement officials. Yeah, they are total law abiding group.

    In point of fact what Occupy wants is for the Wall Street money-junkies behind the mortgage-backed securities fraud to go to prison, as happened in Iceland.

    The people who need to be in prison are the congressman who forced financial entities produce loans to those who could not possible pay them back, under threat of being shut-down, and encouraged bundling of these high risk bonds through budget loan companies. It was all done under the guise of the American Dream Act, otherwise known as buying-the-voter.

  25. Mike Rivero -
    But the FBI works for the money-junkies, not for the American people., which is why you are seeing this endless parade of "Occupy is Communist-anarchist-anti-Semtitic-Marxist, leftist-rightist-atheistic-theocratic-drugged-out-hippies!"

    But they have the full backing of such wonderful pro-freedom American groups as The American Nazi Party, Communist Party USA, CAIRE (Muslim brotherhood) among others. Of course anyone can 'back' this "movement", but the leaders of these, and other, Communist-anarchist-anti-Semitic-Marxist, leftist-atheistic-theocratic-drugged-out have been welcomed as speakers at many of the OWS sites around the country. As The Great and Wonderful Oz said; "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

    The FBI COINTELPRO did the same thing to the anti-Vietnam protesters in the 1960s.

    Did the FBI also build and plant the bombs, commit the murders and the robberies for the anti-Vietnam protestors back in the 60's also?

    Wake Up!