Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rubio 'Not Running' in 2012

 Marco Rubio, one of the youngest and fastest-rising members of the Senate, has already ruled himself out in 2012. Rubio, the darling of many conservatives, rode a Tea Party-backed wave into office from Florida last year. Rubio defeated former Florida governor Charlie Crist in a three-way race.

Rubio has been floated as a potential presidential candidate. His conservatism, good looks, and age seem to play in his favor. In addition, he has been floated as a potential vice president for a GOP ticket.

 Rubio appeared to throw cold water on any speculation:

“I just got elected three months ago,” Rubio said in an interview with ABC News, released in part on Tuesday morning. “So how can I be a full-time United States senator if my eye’s already on something else?”

“Even speculating about it is problematic, because when you speculate about it what you’re basically saying is, I’m thinking about something other than the job that I have before me,” he said. But Rubio didn’t rule out being considered as the vice presidential running-mate for the eventual 2012 GOP presidential candidate. Some observers think he would be a smart pick, drawing in Hispanic voters, who in large part lean Democratic.

 With Rubio out, it leaves the field a little less crowded.

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