Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Barbour Eyeing Huckabee Exit

 Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour has been considering a presidential bid for a whule now. He has gotten plenty of press and spoke to CPAC this year. The Governor received high marks for his effective handling of the Hurricane Katrina distaster.

Barbour is seen as a fiscal conservative, although some point out that his role as a lobbyist may hurt his election chances. It appears that Barbour is trying to sideline another southern governor for the road to the nomination.

 According to sources, Barbour is trying to convince former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee to exit the Republican stakes. In turn, Huckabee would then endorse Barbour, potentially boosting his vote share. Barbour's strategy would make him even more appealing to southern conservatives-- and remove one of his key opponents.

“I have a great affection for Mike Huckabee,” Barbour said after explaining how, as chairman of the RNC in 1993, he helped get the Arkansan elected lieutenant governor after Bill Clinton became president. “I also have a great admiration for him, you know I have known him all these years and I’m wondering why he doesn’t have an accent like I do. Do they teach that at seminary, is that where I missed that?"

At the end of his remarks, Barbour slipped in another reference to his old friend and neighbor.
“[T]he real thing is what are you going to do to be sure we have a new conservative Republican president in 2012?” asked Barbour. “Whether it is for me, or Mike Huckabee, or anyone else, because I want your children and grandchildren, my children and grandchildren to inherit the same country inherited.”

Barbour's strategy may pull off. Huckabee is making no overt motions to run next year. A no-run decision by Huckabee might propel Barbour into the top rung of GOP candidates.

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