Monday, February 21, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: AMA Throws Support Behind Note-Forging Physicians in Wisconsin

In a shocking move the AMA has come out in support of the small cadre of physicians from the University of Wisconsin. The press release is to come out today, but you can find the advanced copy here.

An excerpt~
The American Medical Association (AMA) announced late last night that it wholeheartedly supports the pro-union protest activities of certain physicians from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine’s Department of Family Medicine.

In 2007, the AMA’s Initiative to Transform Medical Education (ITME) released its Recommendations for Change in the System of Medical Education, concluding that the current shortage of primary care physicians in the United States is due to a cohort of medical students who are insufficiently altruistic, unwilling to be advocates for social justice issues, and too fixated on problem-solving and intellectual pursuits to be the effective community organizers that primary-care physicians ought to be.

Do take the time to read the whole thing!

H/T~ The Happy Hospitalist
Note- this piece is of satirical value only

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