Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Truth about DADT

Now that the dust is beginning to settle it is time to digest and implement the new legislation. I am not military and have no practical idea as to how this will play out, but Cassie Fiano, someone deeply invested in the U.S. Marines does and has a unique perspective.

My husband is currently serving in Afghanistan in the Marine Corps. He loves his country and the Corps. His MOS — military occupational specialty — is an 0311, an infantry rifleman. This is a combat MOS. Like many Marines, he wasn’t a fan of repealing DADT. The number one concern I have heard from many Marines around Camp Lejeune was how the repeal would affect unit cohesion, although there are many other issues that come into play. The benefit of DADT has been that it allows the military to remain neutral on homosexuality. Now, the military will have to reconcile service with the gay rights agenda. How will the military now be forced to handle a gay soldier in a relationship? Will they be forced to approve of gay public displays of affection? What about those in the military who aren’t comfortable with their children seeing two men kiss while they’re doing their grocery shopping in the commissary? How will the military be forced to handle a gay soldier who gets married in a state that allows gay marriage? Will gay spouses receive military benefits now, too? And what about the gay servicemembers who aren’t married because their state doesn’t allow it, but are in committed relationships — do they qualify for benefits, too? Will gay and straight servicemembers be allowed to sleep in barracks together? What about when a unit is deployed, and the men are forced to sleep in even closer quarters? What will happen to the soldier or Marine who is uncomfortable with sleeping next to a gay man?
Conservatives and republicans have long been the backbone in the defense of the military. Are we now going to pick up our toys and go home now that,the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. I don't believe the repeal of DADT is terribly unreasonable and trust our commanders, generals, admirals and servicemen to implement this policy with minimal upset.

Right? As they say read the whole thing!

Update: Gay Patriot piles on ...

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  1. If my guy is showering and sleeping with a gay man in Afganistan I want a divorce. That's cheating plain and simple. It's cheating under every scenerio. Gays could care less if they disrupt family units. The gay agenda seems ultra self centered.

  2. If my guy? What are you talking about? Cheating, divorce? Are you insane? Let's be honest about the scenario. Flaming men will not end up on the front lines with combat marines or army. Granted a few talented women will be there and given the prestige of army ranger, navy seal or marine sniper. As well they should be. If they are capable and qualified what is the problem? Certainly none are interested in what your man has to offer.

    Let's be honest, gay service men and women are not closeted. You cannot live so closely with a group of people without knowing....

    Good luck and try again next time!