Monday, December 20, 2010

Liberal Bias Alert- Yahoo: "End of year action restores Obama luster"

It must be nice for President Obama to have liberal "journalists" brown-nosing him, no matter how much he fails. Take Stephen Collinson, for example.  A non-biased, actual journalist would look at Obama's record-low approval ratings and realize that the President is at a low-ebb for popularity.  But apparently the liberal hack Collinson pays no mind to tricky things called "facts."

Take his newly written Yahoo "news" article.  According to Collinson, the country has returned to the kool-aid induced hysteria of rabid Obama support.  So declares his headline, "action restores Obama luster."  This "journalist" then goes into detail.

Here is his opening paragraph in its entirety:
"WASHINGTON (AFP) – From the wreckage of the mid-term elections, US President Barack Obama, preaching pragmatism and bi-partisanship, is engineering a political rebound and reinvigorating his administration."
Yes, yes, of course President Obama has been preaching pragmatism and bi-partisanship... He's always done that (wink, wink).  Unfortunately for Collinson, people cannot see him winking while reading the slop he calls an article.

But wait, there's more:

"After delaying his departure for his annual holiday in his native Hawaii, Obama was also working overtime to close another significant political victory -- Senate ratification of a new nuclear arms deal with Russia.
December's achievements will join a historic health care reform, a financial regulatory overhaul and the rescue of the banking and auto sectors in an already full presidential legacy after two crisis-scarred years in power."
Sigh.  Will these so-called journalists never get it?  They cannot simply lie to Americans and get away with it.  We are more intelligent than they can comprehend.

Obama: According to Liberals, he's back and better than ever

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