Sunday, November 28, 2010

North Korea Deploys Missiles on Southern Border

North Korea is taking its belligerency to a new height today, as it has deployed surface-to-air missiles on its southern border with South Korea.  This raises concern that the North could attack or otherwise become more belligerent in the very near future.

The Russian-made missiles have been deployed since the North's artillery shelling of the South this past Tuesday:
"The source said SA-2 missiles seem to be targeting South Korea's fighter jets flying near the disputed western maritime border, known as the Northern Limit Line."
As the hostilities between the South and North seem to mount, the United States is carrying out war games with the South while China is calling for emergency talks.  Yet the North seems to refuse to listen to reason.

The reason why North Korea is acting so belligerently is uncertain.  Some analysts believe it is to attract attention, others believe it is to test the United States, while more believe it is simply to start a war with the South.
North and South Korea
Yet people in South Korea seem unfazed:
"In Seoul, life carried on normally for the city's more than 10 million residents, with downtown shopping districts jammed with people despite the freezing temperatures, and cafes decked with Christmas decorations doing brisk business.
“I am worried, but not that worried that I need to stay at home,” said Eunhye Kim, an usher showing people from a packed theater in the capital. “They don't really want to make war ... there's no gain for either side.”"
In the last few years the North has acted more and more hostile to the world, but especially its southern neighbor.  This new artillery strike and missile deployment could be the culmination of the North's aggressiveness.

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