Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ed Rendell vetoes Castle Doctrine.

Pennsylvania's House Bill 1926, better known as the Castle Doctrine, passed the State Senate by an impressive 45-4 margin on October 14th with overwhelming bi-partisan support (All but three Democrats, and one Republican State Senator supported the legislation), and the House passed it again on November 15th, by an equally impressive 164-32 margin.

It appeared as if Pennsylvania's Castle Doctrine would absolutely become law. However, even though legislative Democrats supported the legislation without question, term-limited Governor Ed Rendell, in what might be his last major act as chief executive, vetoed the pro-self defense legislation earlier this afternoon.

What is Governor Ed Rendell thinking?

Governor-elect Tom Corbett will only sign the legislation (which both legislative houses are once again bound to pass) when he takes the oath of office next year, and why wouldn't someone (especially a politician) want to leave office with the distinct pride of knowing they helped to expand crucial self defense rights to the citizenry at-large. Obviously, Ed Rendell is without political or common sense.

Hopefully, the new Pennsylvania Legislature and Governor will move quickly to pass and enact the Castle Doctrine legislation when they convene in six weeks.

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  1. It's not like Rendell has to worry about running for re-election now.