Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vote Bielat!

Sean Bielat is everything that Congressman Barney Frank isn't:

A former member of America's Armed Forces.
A small businessman who believes in Capitalism.
And a Conservative Republican with principles.

But none of that has hurt Sean Bielat. In fact, according to a recent poll that shows Frank leading by only ten points, his Conservatism might actually be helping him in liberal Massachusetts. In what can only be deemed shocking, even the NRCC has committed to helping the former United States Marine in the district that has elected and re-elected Barney Frank for three decades.

There are more than enough Bielat supporters in the blogosphere, but I would like to ask the good people of Massachusett's fourth congressional district one thing: have your lives improved with Barney Frank as your Congressman since 1981?

It's time to send Washington another independent minded Republican from the great State of Massachusetts. It's time to send Sean Bielat.

Vote Bielat!

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