Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Video: Liberal Journalists Threaten Reporter Asking Tough Questions to Rahm Emanuel

You know, I'm tired of the lack of real journalism in the world today.  Take this video, for example.  It shows a hard-nosed journalist asking pertinent questions to wannabe Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  What does he get for his troubles?  Other "journalists" literally pushing him and threatening him.  And just a reminder, the Main Stream Media claims that it is not liberal.

Can you imagine if Emanuel or even President Obama were actually vetted?  Imagine what we could find...

But more to the point, is this not exactly what one would expect from Chicago-style reporters and a Chicago-style politician?  Journalism for the left is dead, although I'm not quite sure if it was ever alive.

Expect to see liberal polls showing Emanuel up by 25% and saying that he was utterly, completely, and thoroughly vetted.

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  1. Nobody vetted Obama? I think the editorial board of the Chicago Sun Times, for starters, would give you an argument over that.

  2. This is what passes as "journalism" now-a-days. They're just a bunch of thugs.

  3. Kirsten Gillibrand wasn't vetted either. That is until now. The DioGuardi campaign has an impressive list of questions....

    And yes, Anon, nobody vetted Obama!