Saturday, October 09, 2010

Schoharie County leaders endorse Ted Danz.

(Schoharie, New York).

High ranking government and Republican Party officials gathered yesterday morning to endorse Republican candidate, Ted Danz, who's challenging the incumbent Democrat Paul Tonko in New York's 21st congressional district, which for the most part overlaps the entire Capital District in Upstate, New York. The event took place in front of the County Courthouse.

Elected officials such as Assemblyman Pete Lopez (R-127th), County Treasurer Bill Cherry, and County Clerk Indica Jaycox focused on the fiscal conservative strengths of Mr.Danz, a successful local businessman out of neighboring Albany County. The candidate himself touted his local roots of growing up in Altamont, and owning a farm in East Worcester, both of which are a stone throw from the borders of Schoharie County.

Mr.Danz mainly discussed the bleak economic picture that has swallowed the American economy as a whole, and how Paul Tonko, a one-term Congressman who has voted with Speaker Pelosi an astonishing 100% of the time, is apart of that economic problem. Danz also voiced his support for putting public policy over party politics.

About ten pro-Danz supporters gathered beforehand to hold a brief sign wave, and stood* behind their candidate during the endorsement/press conference, which the local radio station, and paper attended. One of the homemade signs read "Tonko isn't one of us anymore", referring to Tonko's service in the New York State Assembly, when he was far more Conservative than he is now in the House of Representatives.

All those interested in supporting Ted Danz's campaign should visit his website.

* I was one of those who came out in support of Mr.Danz.

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