Sunday, October 10, 2010

NOW Endorses Grayson, Claims Webster will Set Back Women "20 Years"

The Florida chapter of the National Organization for Women has endorsed incumbent Congressman Democrat Alan Grayson in his reelection race against Republican Daniel Webster.  This comes as Grayson has fallen rapidly in the polls since airing a falsified ad in which Grayson stated that his opponent was the equivalent of a terrorist, calling Webster "Taliban Dan."

The ad showed video of Mr. Webster saying "submit to me" repeatedly, with the implication that Webster wanted women to be ruled by men.  It was quickly revealed that Grayson's campaign heavily edited the video and knew what they were releasing was a lie.  However, Grayson has stuck by the ad.

When asked for a statement, President of the Florida chapter Donna Slutiak stated that Grayson is "100 percent on women's issues.  He's never let us down yet."  On Webster, Slutiak commented that, "We'll be set back 20 years if he's elected."

The endorsement comes at an odd time, especially in the aftermath of Alan Grayson's twitter and Facebook "war" with Sarah Palin, in which Grayson stated that Palin had no "head or heart:"

Considering that Grayson took time to insult the first Republican woman Vice Presidential candidate in history, you would think that NOW would think about not endorsing him.  However, I guess to them it is all right for women to be insulted, so long as it is someone they dislike.

NOW even calls itself "the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States" on its own website, yet it smiles upon Alan Grayson, who has called women whores in public:

And attacks Sarah Palin, calling her the equivalent of stupid:

The National Organization for Women has no credibility.  Not NOW, not ever.

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  1. >"the first Republican woman Vice Presidential candidate in history"

    What about Geraldine Ferraro in 1984?

  2. Sorry, I missed the "Republican" part. My bad.

  3. Grayson is an imbecile and a liar and, if that's not bad enough, he's also a progressive liberal......