Friday, October 08, 2010

Reid: Voters are "Very Selfish" Children

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is in the political race of his life.  He is desperately trying to push through the Democrat agenda (though he can't now because they are on another vacation), while trying to keep up with Republican Nominee Sharron Angle in Nevada.

Reid is now behind Angle by four points in the latest poll and his approval rating is around 30%.  In a year that could lead to big gains for the GOP, the Senate race in Nevada could be the watermark.  With all these things going against Senator Reid's favor, one would think that he would concentrate on getting his message out, trying to shore up voters by the elections.

Or he could compare the people of Nevada to "very selfish" children, as he did in a recent interview:
"I wanted to get some presents on Christmas morning. I was a very selfish little boy, and I was upset that my mother had to go through all this. Whose fault is this? And that's what people are going through. I didn't know who to blame but I wanted to blame somebody."
I'm sure you don't need interpretation of what Reid said, but please allow me to give you mine:  "When I was small, I wanted presents for Christmas.  I didn't get them.  I was very selfish, I wanted everything, like the voters of my state.  But I was naive, also like the voters of my state.  They simply don't understand that I am the equivalent of their mother."
Reid: Voters are spoiled children
Smooth move, hot shot.  I have a much better idea than insulting your constituents: do a good job!  Create jobs, limit bureaucracy, be honest.  Well, maybe you just can't do all of that.

As for Ms. Angle, gaffes like these should help her push above Reid come the general election.  If Nevada's staggering unemployment, Reid's mismanagement, and the country's general direction aren't enough, their Senator calling voters children should do it.

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  1. Saying something like this is really, really stupid

  2. The idiotic things he has done and said in the past may not be catching up with him, but with the level of discontent being expressed this election cycle everything he does and says now is amplified. Rightly so!
    This latest from Senator "This War Is Lost" needs to be played on every radio and television ad from this day until 2 Nov.

  3. I'm half tempted to get out and vote for Angle just because I'm sick of all the Anti-Angle ads I see on every single web page I visit and video I watch.

    "Sharon Angle strangles kittens and beats pregnant women to death with a club made from dead baby seals."

    The irony is that the things they try to use against her (Get rid of Dept of Energy/Education ect.) are many of the exact same platforms that gave the GOP some of its greatest political victories; Reagan's landslide election and the 1994 "Republican Revolution" to be specific.