Friday, October 08, 2010

Interview with Candidate for the Florida State Senate, Corey Poitier

Pundit Press is proud to being you our thirteenth interview in our on-going series.  Today we're lucky enough to have Corey Poitier answer some of our questions.  Mr. Poitier is running for Florida's State Senate.  Check out his campaign website here.

Why are you the best choice for your district?

I am the best choice for District#35. I bring new energy, outside the box thinking, and non-partisan politics. I am looking forward to tackling the problems of Florida and the District and work across party lines. I am into finding solutions and getting the government out of the way of business and entrepreneurs to lower unemployment and attract new energy and manufacturing jobs to Florida. I am truly a people person and looking forward to listening to the concerns of citizens and representing them not lording over them.

How do your degrees in Journalism and Political Science make you a better candidate than your opponents?

My degree in Broadcast Journalism gives me the insight to what the media is looking for from a Statesman. It helps me look for answers to today’s problems. I look for the story and the answers to solve them. My Political Science degree has served and will serve me in navigating the waters of the State Capitol.

What plans do you have to help Florida economically?

I believe Florida future lays within its children and new business industries. We need to make Florida business friendly, by ending some of these annoying fees and permits and cutting taxes on small to medium size businesses. We need to incentivize large business to come to Florida. By attracting, energy jobs and manufacturing jobs we can lower unemployment and welfare rolls. We need to add more vocational programs geared toward these new professions to supply a ready and educated workforce. These are my plans to economically help Florida.

What are your feelings on President Obama's leadership? Has it been better or worse than what you expected?

President Obama’s leadership has been poor. He is following ideology, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in destroying the Free Market and the country.

Is there an important issue that you believe that the Main Stream Media and politicians are ignoring?

The mainstream media is ignoring the state of Florida schools. We are not teaching anymore. There is more money in keeping the children dumb and selling the system bogus education reform. We have politicians who are demonizing the FCAT Test, when the solution is simple. We need to go back to fundamentally teaching our students Reading, Writing and Mathematics. This is what is going on in the 24 other countries that are above us in education.

Is there anything you would like to add?

We need to have energy jobs in the State of Florida. We should be king of solar panel production and technology. We are the “Sunshine State” and all public lighting should be running on solar power, so that after a storm, we have lights and county governments save money on electricity. We need to be in the forefront of energy independence by drilling our natural gas and oil deposits. By attracting manufacturing jobs like the automobile industry, we can bring good paying jobs to District #35 and Florida.

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