Sunday, June 19, 2016

NYT Profile: Omar Mateen "Enjoyed Male Privilege"

The New York Times published a detailed overview of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen's life, chronicling his early years and any potential indication that he would become a mass murderer. Many parts appear to be show a relatively normal child, while others paint a bizarre portrait of a troubled young person.

The article states that his father had come to the United States as a refugee during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Seddique Mateen now hosts a show in California stating that he is the true president of Afghanistan and has even opened a non-profit calling itself the provisional government of that country.

Because the father was a skilled financial investor, the article changes tone. The family lived a relatively well-off lifestyle with the three daughters becoming professionals. For young Mateen, another factor was at play:

"His wife, Shahla, stayed mostly in the background, while he set a tone of cultural conservatism, especially when it came to his three other children, all accomplished women. The son, though, enjoyed male privilege."

The rest of the article speaks of other potential warning signs, including celebrating the September 11th attacks, discipline issues, and possible steroid use. But smack in the middle of it is the thought of the shooter being motivated by the scourge of male privilege.

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