Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Poll Shows Trump's Most Dedicated Group: Democrats

Polling data has been released dissecting where and when Donald Trump's supporters are. It appears that many of them are clustered in Appalachia and former industrial regions. Trump has strong support among portions of the female demographic, as well as blue-collar workers. However, the largest share by party votes are Democrats.

The piece in the New York Times explains part of the appeal:
Mr. Trump’s strength among traditionally Democratic voters could pose some problems for his campaign. Many states bar voters registered with the other party from participating in partisan primaries. Other states go further, not allowing unaffiliated voters to vote in a primary; in the G.O.P. race, for example, that would mean restricting the electorate to those registered as Republicans — one of Mr. Trump’s weakest groups. This group of states includes many favorable to Mr. Trump, like Florida, Pennsylvania and New York.

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