Thursday, December 31, 2015

Fight at Newark 'Anti-Violence' Rally

A fight broke out during a rally meant to oppose violence in the city of Newark. Two rival groups got into a fistfight. The photo header shows a fight between Tyrone Barnes and Abdul Mohammed, with other photos following.

The fight was covered by, which authorities say happened without a permit.
"For all intents and purposes, this hurt the possibility that Newark can have in addressing this problem once and for all. Until there's some sense of a unified front among the leaders, there's never going to be an impact on the people at large."

Mohammed is a former Newark city employee and was reported as the instigator. He is reported as a "long-time anti-violence activist."

Salaam Ismial, the co-chair of the New Jersey Study Commission on Violence, said that the fight should not detract from the message of stopping violence.

This also comes as the city is planning on creating an overarching public safety department which will try to reform the city's out of control crime situation.

Minister Thomas Ellis was disgusted by the situation, saying, "Today we stood on the steps of City Hall to show that black lives matter in Newark, and it turned out ugly."

There were no serious injuries during the fight.

Photo credit: Aristide Economopoulos | NJ Advance Media for 

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