Saturday, November 07, 2015

President Obama rejects Keystone pipeline

President Obama rejected an application to build the Keystone XL pipeline Friday declaring the proposed project wouldn't serve U.S. national interests and would have undercut America's global leadership on climate change.

First, let's remember that Obama's very own State Department determined that Keystone would reduce CO2 emissions by displacing oil transport via truck and rail. So Keystone the arguments in favor of Keystone are:

1) More good US jobs

2) Reduced cost of transportation

3) Strengthen our energy competitive advantage

4) Improved safety vs truck and rail

5) Reduced CO2 vs truck and rail

I'm certain that this decision was made by the best, nonpartisan scientists based on the best available scientific data, with no consideration for political ideology or timing. After all, this is the administration that told us they would return to "science" in decision-making.

I think they meant political science.

I wonder how long ago the State Department completed its analysis? Obama must have just had this sitting in his hip pocket for whenever he wanted to trot it out.

Democrats already own Obamacare, the Iran Nuclear agreement and now Keystone. Interesting that the Canadian Prime Minister referred to Keystone as a "no brainer", providing jobs, improved energy and safer transport of oil.

Clearly Obama puts his perspective on the environment above these three advantages. Yet this is simply wrong, since the oil is already being transported by rail and truck.  Keystone would replace these costly, less safe forms of oil transport.

The Obama administration insists on imposing its vision on the economy and society.

The greatness of this country used to be attributed to free private enterprise. It would be said that another reason for that greatness was that the government didn't have an industrial strategy and didn't pick winners, it allowed the market and consumers to decide who the winners should be.

Well, under Democrat liberal governments that is no longer the case. Small wonder that the economy has not been performing well the last six years.

The lack of vision of this president is mindboggling. There are now 7 billion people on this earth, most of them poor and at least 2 billion going hungry. How does Obama think their lives can be improved if there is no energy to provide them the most basic necessities? They can't afford renewables; even we are far from relying on them.

Obama wants to reduce inequality by redistributing wealth. True wealth are the goods and services a nation produces. Yet by leaving fossil few underground they will inevitably reduce production of new wealth.

Bottom line: leftist liberals want us to be equal and poorer. Sounds like Cuba, doesn't it? Hello Bernie, the Democratic Party is embracing you.

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