Saturday, November 07, 2015

Carson defends West Point details: Blames media

A defiant Ben Carson on Friday rejected the idea his past descriptions of receiving a scholarship offer to attend West Point were inaccurate, and called questions about the veracity of the story irrelevant to his campaign for president.

The narrative of Ben Carson's life reads: raised by a single mother who wanted her children to succeed, had a troubled youth, embraced religion, became studious, graduated from one of the nation's top universities, became an acclaimed neurosurgeon, built a top pediatric medical team at one of our major hospitals.

Is it insecurity about their own position in society, and perhaps their advantage of birth, that drives many to attack Carson? He did it the hard way, which sends the powerful message: "If I can do it, why can't you?" Is the desire to bring him down fueled by inadequacy?

Demands for proof that memories from 40 or 50 years ago are accurate are pathetic. "Gotcha" questions about the inerrancy of some aspect of Christian faith are pointless. None of these attacks have anything to do with the essential narrative.

The increasing fury of the attempts to divert attention from the essence of Carson simply reveals why opponents fear him.

The liberal media is showing their hypocritical bias.  They are doing everything possible to find dirt on Dr Carson.  Since he is a conservative black man who came from very humble beginnings, they can't stand to let him do well.

Conversely, President Obama was given a free pass on his background. While Obama had many, many examples of dubious behavior, the liberal media did everything possible to give him a pass.

People better make sure to check their facts when reading anything coming from liberal media sources; they have proven that they are quite willing to use half-truth and folklore to denigrate conservatives.

Carson is the leftist liberals worst nightmare: a conservative black man, who is honest and has a background such that his presence only would ridicule Hillary Clinton. Just imagine: "My name is Ben Carson, I saved the life of thousands of children, not just extending their lives, I made them great and worth living again". "Hello my name is Hillary Clinton, I have never done anything but cover up for a pervert husband, steal money through illegal schemes leveraging my role of first lady in AK and while secretary of state, I sold the country's best interests to foreign countries and companies for a few bucks to my so-called foundation."

End of story right there!

The left is going all out to find some dirt on Dr. Carson, whether it's true or not. The reason is simply because he is their worst nightmare. He is a black, Republican conservative who came from a poor, single parent, inner city household and a serious presidential candidate. In the eyes of the left, that just isn't supposed to happen.

Despite all obstacles, he made the most of the opportunities America offers and achieved a level of success that most of us can only dream about. While big government liberals like to preach about helping the sick, Dr. Carson spent most of his life in the most noble professions of teaching medical students and saving lives.

Carson knows that America's best hope lies in shrinking government, while expanding freedom and opportunity. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to understand that.

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