Wednesday, November 04, 2015

FLASHBACK VIDEO: Andrew Breitbart's prediction about the 2016 presidential election

During an interview on Univision in 2011 about the 2012 presidential campaign, the late Andrew Breitbart mad come comments that could be playing out in the 2016 GOP primary and election.

"I think that it’s going to be an amazing year.

"It’ll be like a reality show, like ‘Survivor’ or ‘American Idol,’ and they’re going to pound each other out, and, yes, I think that the strongest one will win.

"But let me tell you this, if Marco Rubio–even though he’s only been in the Senate for a very short period of time–that man has a huge, huge opportunity in this country and I think he could be the president. If not in this election cycle, certainly in 2016," Breitbart said.

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