Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Chris Christie attacks Marco Rubio on immigration

During an interview with radio host Laura Ingraham, New Jersey governor Chris Christie attacked rival for the GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio on immigration.

"It’s hard to keep up with how many times Marco changes his positions on these things, to tell you the truth.

"I’ve said very clearly that the president’s conduct here is illegal. And, it seems to me, I’ve been talking about lawlessness on the campaign trail a lot and it’s getting a lot of reaction; you can’t act in a lawless manner as the president of the United States and expect that people are going to follow you. And, not have a sense of the justice that applies to everyone in this country.

"If the president’s executive orders are illegal, which I believe they are, then they need to be revoked the first day you get into office.

"I don’t know why anyone would want to have someone who is not going to enforce the law as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. You have to enforce the law, and if you believe, as I do, now maybe Marco doesn’t believe that the executive order is illegal, and if he doesn’t he should say that," Christie said.

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