Sunday, September 06, 2015

Kim Davis letter and Twitter account are fakes

On Saturday, someone sent a fake letter from a fake Twitter account, purporting to be written by Kim Davis who is being held at the Carter County Detention Center.

“Kim Davis informed me that she does not have any social media accounts and we confirmed her statement with her husband this morning. The letter is fake and did not come from Kim Davis or her husband.

"The fake Twitter account was set up after Kim Davis’ name became known because of her legal case. The first tweet was sent on September 1.

"We have reported this fake Twitter account and letter to appropriate authorities and expect it will be soon shut down. It is a crime to forge a public official’s name, as the letter purports to be signed by Kim Davis.

"Only Kim’s attorneys have been able to visit her behind the glass barrier. There is no way Kim could have released a letter from jail," Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, said in a statement.

The fake letter tweeted late last night by @kimdavis917 was retweeted by New York Times reporter Liam Stack, Mother Jones, Dan Savage, and other bloggers without checking the sources or contacting her attorneys with Liberty Counsel. Dan Savage has already chastised Liam Stack for the misreport.

The Liberty Counsel has demanded corrections.

“We have also learned that some media have tried to pay sources to report dirt on Kim Davis prior to her conversion to Jesus Christ. Kim has already acknowledged she ‘played in the Devil’s playground’ before she repented and experienced forgiveness of her sins from her Lord Jesus, who loved her and gave Himself for her. She is a new person. The old has passed.

“While Kim Davis remains a prisoner of conscience, unscrupulous individuals are attempting to personally attack her, her family, her faith, and her church. The purported letter from Kim Davis circulated on Twitter and other social media in the last 12 hours is fake and fraudulent. Liberty Counsel attorneys remain the exclusive spokespersons for Kim Davis. We ask that the media and the public respect the privacy of Kim’s family and church. We also ask our fellow Americans to pray for Kim Davis," Staver said.

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