Monday, August 10, 2015

Man critically wounded after shooting at police during Ferguson anniversary protest

St. Louis County Police say a man opened fire on officers in Ferguson, Missouri late Sunday night. The officers returned fire, and the man was critically wounded.

So, if this young man dies, his name will be almost certainly forgotten, tossed onto the heap of young black bodies shot by their peers.  If the bullet is found to have come from a police officer's gun, we will all know his name and we will see even more "peaceful" marching, unfortunately ruined by the apparently inevitable minority that seems to follow them around, destroying their neighborhoods in his name.

It has been made quite plain by the protesters that "all lives matter" is an unacceptable response to their slogan.  But it is also quite obvious that the movement's limits as to who's lives matter are even more limited to a subset of black lives.

For the "movement" it will all come down to who's bullet shot this kid.  We will eventually know.  It will be then, and only then that we will find if his life really mattered.

St. Louis County Police investigate the crime scene where they say a man opened fire on officers in Ferguson, Missouri late Sunday night.

On Meet the Press this past Sunday, I watched one of the panelists refer to the death of Michael Brown as a "murder".  Not one person felt a need to correct or challenge her as this is not a matter of opinion, but has been thoroughly investigated and adjudicated such that the description of Brown's death as murder is an obvious slander.

Almost every plank of the "Black Lives Matter" movement is based on a lie.  While it is not the job of the press to destroy such movements, it is incumbent on them to challenge such organizations when they traffic in such lies.  The true believers will never abandon it, but given the thin reed of reality on which much of their beliefs rest, all it would take is a little push back to expose them to much of the middle of the road viewers.

Maybe, when they are exposed for what they are: representing the part of the black community that feels hassled by those trying to keep order in black neighborhoods.

What kind of people are these that turn an ostensible memorial event into a riot and start shooting? Do you think for one minute that you are going to intimidate the rest of us with violence and looting? That is not going to happen and tolerance for legitimate grievance has its limits in the face of uncivil behavior and outright barbarism as clearly evidenced by this event and the soaring urban murder rates.

Enough is enough.  If the crime rates were not as high as they are in certain areas, a heavy police presence would not be demanded and it would be welcome by the rest of us.

No justice, no peace?  How about no peace and a heavy dose of justice for those who deny peace to others. Murder and mayhem will not prevail in a civilized society.

When a people exchange their freedom and their responsibility to government, it's not long before they need government and can't maintain themselves without it.  Obama supporters in Ferguson, and everywhere else they concentrate, show their inability to live peacefully.

There is no reason to define the police shooting of Michael Brown as a cause to be remembered. Brown was the instigator and perpetrator of the incident that took his life. He lost his life by his own actions. He preceded the police encounter by strong arming a convenience store owner , stealing a handful of low value food items.

Brown was no hero and his death was not the fault of the police. It was his own fault! The myth that he was a victim of police brutality is false and must be challenged at every turn!

There is no reason to hold vigils and anniversary gatherings for Brown's death. There is every reason to put the tragedy of a young man's loss of life in perspective and make sure others do not put their lives in danger by behaving like Brown did. That's what we should deduce from from this sad event.

The problem is that the majority of these protesters have not read one account of the actual events, probably haven't paid any attention to the facts and seem to believe his really did say hands up don't shoot.  They show their ignorance of the facts as they all crowd around any police action holding up their cell phones to record the event. These folks continue to chant "Hands up don't shoot" while they hold up both hands, one with the camera phone in a parody of what they "think" happened.

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