Monday, February 09, 2015

Van Jones: Elizabeth Warren is the name that is actually on the lips of every grassroots Democrat

Former Obama administration green-jobs advisor Van Jones told George Stephanopoulos on Sunday that Elizabeth Warren is “the name that is actually on the lips of every grassroots Democrat.”

Stephanopoulos: “What happens if something happens to Hillary? The Democratic bench is pretty weak.

Jones: “We have talked about gender. We talked about a couple of other names. Elizabeth Warren, that’s the name that is on the lips of every grassroots Democrat."

Stephanopoulos: “But she’s not running! Her media adviser went to Hillary Clinton this week.”

Jones: “There’s thunder on the left. Hillary Clinton has to deal with, she’s in a different world when it comes to economics. Post-Occupy Wall Street. Income inequality is a big issue. Mitt Romney is talking about it.

“She’s now gotta get her head wrapped around — there’s a Democratic Party very comfortable about talking about the middle class. Very comfortable talking about tax the rich. How does she relate to that.”


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