Sunday, February 08, 2015

Gauntlet Thrown: Greece Demands $236 BILLION in WWII Reparations from Germany

The new ultra-leftist Prime Minister of Greece is demanding the unthinkable. Alexis Tsipras is asking for $236 billion in reparations from Germany, the same as the debt Greece claims to owe. Greece owes European creditors $357 billion in debt.
In laying out his government's program in a speech before Parliament, Mr Tsipras sought to tread a line between satisfying coalition lawmakers and supporters that his government will honour the anti-austerity promises that brought it to power last month while reassuring creditors that his radical leftist administration is prepared to move towards a compromise that keeps the economy afloat without further burdening European taxpayers.

This could directly lead to a default, as the Greeks will refuse a third bailout.

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