Sunday, February 15, 2015

Copenhagen Shooting Suspect Killed by Danish police

Danish police have shot and killed the suspect in the Copenhagen shooting attacks which took place on Saturday.

From Fox News:
Danish police killed a man early Sunday suspected of carrying out the shooting attacks at a free speech event and at a Copenhagen synagogue that left two men dead and five police officers wounded.

Officials said it is possible he was imitating the terror attacks that took place in Paris last month carried out by Islamic radicals at the Charlie Hebdo newsroom and at a kosher grocery store that left 17 dead.

The foot shooting occurred Saturday evening at 4 p.m. Police said a gunman used an automatic weapon and shot through the windows of the Krudttoenden cultural center during a discussion on freedom of expression which featured controversial Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. Vilks had been threatened previously about his caricatures featuring the Prophet Muhammad.

Three officers were injured in the attack, but a 55-year-old man died from the injuries he sustained, authorities said.

Minutes after midnight Sunday, the Jewish man was killed and two officers were wounded in the second shooting outside the synagogue.

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"Denmark has been hit by terror.

"We do not know the motive for the alleged perpetrator's actions, but we know that there are forces that want to hurt Denmark. They want to rebuke our freedom of speech," Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt said.

"Again, Jews were murdered on European soil just because they were Jews.

"This wave of attacks is expected to continue, as well as murderous anti-Semitic attacks.

"Jews deserve security in every country, but we say to our Jewish brothers and sisters, Israel is your home," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

"The United States condemns today’s deplorable shooting in Copenhagen. We offer our condolences to the loved ones of the deceased victim, and our thoughts are with those wounded in this attack. We have been in close contact with our Danish counterparts and stand ready to lend any assistance necessary to the investigation," the Obama administration said in a statement.

The Danes and their European neighbors may now appreciate the folly of giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama. The radical Islamists are getting to close to them threatening their freedom. What is shameful is that Obama has allowed the jihadists to grow and expand when they were already defeated in Iraq.

It's astounding that Europe, which was once the cradle of modern civilization, has become anti-Jewish and pro-Muslim extremist. Hopefully the Muslim extremists are making themselves unwelcome there, as they already have made themselves unwelcome in their Middle Eastern homelands.

I understand that most Muslims are just regular people and want nothing to do with extremists. But still, you'd think that Europe would want to keep a lid on those people instead of dissing the Jews who have created more than their share of the continent's civilization and prosperity.

The European law enforcement agencies should be keeping tabs on the Muslim community and deporting the bad apples without further adieu. And for those Jews who feel unwelcome in Europe, let's not waste any time inviting them to emigrate to the United States.

The Jews are not the threat to Europeans and the world. It is the radical Islamists that Obama doesn't want to admit are behind the terrorists attacks.

Of course terrorism in Europe is on the rise. They haven't helped themselves much with their social policies to absorb Muslims migrating to Europe, but beyond that the Middle East is in very deep turmoil.

For nearly 200 years the West helped keep the peace in the Middle East. At first it was the British and French after WWI. After WWII the U.S. took up the task. It wasn't an entirely benevolent effort, we needed the region to be peaceful to assure a continued supply of oil.

Some 30 years ago matters began to go downhill starting with the Iranian revolution and the revival of an old Arab-Persian conflict. That motivated Iran to attempt getting nuclear weapons.

As I've explained repeatedly, I believe the Iraq war was really part of a grander strategy to keep Iran from insisting on their own weapons and apparently it worked for a few years starting in 2003.

Unfortunately that strategy fell apart when during the 2006 and 2008 electoral campaigns the Democrats made clear the policies the U.S. had followed that would guarantee the larger peace in the region would be discontinued, as they have. Worse, the U.S. went further and announced it would remove its entire presence in the region.

Thus a new normal, starting with the underlying forces emanating out of the Middle East.

How does the Obama administration expect this to end? Do they truly believe that radical Islamists will become sensible about the value of life relative to the value of a public discourse that offers no potential offense to their sensibilities?

Of course, both Denmark specifically and Europe generally have absolutely no capacity to exert leverage against the states and organizations that violate their sovereignty and murder their citizens on their own soil; and have limited capacity to even protect themselves from home-grown terrorists. They gave that up when they traded their ability to defend themselves against Islamists.

Once, it didn't matter, because the U.S. guaranteed western liberties. But under Barack Obama that's no longer the case.


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