Sunday, February 15, 2015

Copenhagen Shooter Identified as Omar El-Hussein

The Copenhagen shooter has been identified as Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein. He was 22, was born in Denmark, and shot up two sites before being killed by police yesterday. He carried out the shootings with several pistols yesterday.


Heavy has more information on the shooter.

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  1. Wake up world! How many more times do atrocities like this have to happen before we take a hard stance on Islamic extremism?
    I sincerely hope attacks like this do not start happening on American soil, but based on Obama’s “open borders” policy and his weak foreign policy, I have my doubts.
    Obama has sat on his hands while ISIS took over the middle east. Obama has squandered all gains from Iraq and Afghanistan. He has ruined our country.
    Stateside, Obama has crippled our economy. Everybody I know is either out of work or under-employed. And our expenses keep rising. My health insurance is now up to $400/month. Before the government touched it, it was $250/month! My auto insurance, which the government has yet to ruin, is thankfully only $24/month (from Insurance Panda). Please, Obama! Don’t try to socialize ANYTHING ELSE!
    With everything Obama touches now in shambles, Barry needs a new hobby.
    Obama's Arab Spring is still spiraling out of control with the ISIS… we have Hamas rocket attacks on Israel… Boko Harum is selling school girls as slaves…. and Iran is building atomic bombs with Obama lifting sanctions.
    When is America (and Europe) going to wake up? Islam belongs in the middle east