Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Video: Obama is Choosing Decline

"There is a big difference between decline as a condition and decline as a choice. What we have with Obama is a president choosing decline. This is very much unlike how many people talk about decline, as a condition, as a result of something wrong with America. Britain, after the Second World War, had decline as a condition. It was exhausted, broke, parts of it were leveled, they had lost a generation of young men in two world wars. They gave up everything because they had to give up everything.

"America is in precisely the opposite condition. Strong economy, innovative people. We've just stumbled across one the great energy bonanzas in history in natural gas and oil. We are the Saudi Arabia of North America, parts of the world. We are in a position to dominate again, but we have a president who doesn't believe in American exceptionalism, American greatness. And he has chosen for America to retreat from the Middle East, to not lift a finger places like Ukraine. Basically, to make us one nation among others, and that is a choice it. It can be reversed. And that, I think, is the challenge America faces," Charles Krauthammer said.

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