Monday, June 30, 2014

Left Calls for Death of Supreme Court, America After Rulings Today

As usual, when a ruling has gone against liberals, their faux "civility" has washed away to show their true side: anger, contempt, and violent intentions.

Liberals took to social media to voice their homicidal rage because the Supreme Court decided two major rulings today: that people cannot be forced by the government to provide contraception if it specifically conflicted with their religious beliefs, and that unions cannot force non-members to give them money.

Like the civil people they are, liberals decided that anyone who disagrees with them deserves death and, for the heck of it, the United States itself should be destroyed.

Here are just a few examples.

"Murder the Supreme Court:"
Murder the Supreme Court

Help me kill them:
Murder the Supreme Court 2

"Death to America:"
Murder the Supreme Court 3

And several more, including one that winks at "assassinating" the Supreme Court:


  1. David S. R. Clark, ASMJune 30, 2014 at 9:14 AM

    Yes... there will be a revolution. But, it will not go according to the wishes of the liberals.

  2. […] up on the outrageous calls for the assassination of the entire Supreme Court, liberals on social media declared that the conservatives on the Supreme Court are all rapists. […]

  3. […] One more Supreme Court pick by Obama or anyone of his ilk and the ruling will be reversed. So that this may happen soon, liberals have taken to Twitter to call for the assassination of Supreme Court Justices. A few examples via Pundit Press: […]

  4. well this will be very interesting when the mooselimbs start claiming the same defense for their religious b.s.

    i'm guessing the left will be silent then