Saturday, December 21, 2013

Compilation: The Best Pajama Boy Photoshops

Are you not quite filled with Christmas cheer? Looking for something to make you smile? Well, a 20-something hipster wearing a onesie and drinking hot chocolate as he condescendingly smirks at you probably won't help. However, photoshops of President Obama's horrendous ad might do the trick.

Here are the best "Pajama Boy" photoshops, with all sources that I took them from (if I could find them):

The bin Laden raid:
Pajama Boy bin Laden Raid

Hashtag selfie:
Pajama Boy Selfie

Mirror mirror:
Pajama Boy Mirror and Obama

Mommy said:
Pajama Boy Mommy Said

These next two from National Review:
Pajama Boy Cannot Do It

Pajama Boy Nope

Biden boy:
Pajama Boy Biden

His favorite guy:
Pajama Boy Obama

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