Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Pajama Boy" Revealed to be Occupy Wall Street Supporter, Miley Cyrus Fan, and Male Model

This is the ObamaCare "Pajama Boy:"
And here is another ObamaCare ad showing him without his trademark pajamas:
This "pajama boy" has been revealed to be a young man by the name of Ethan Krupp, a male model, Miley Cyrus fan, and Organizing for America member.

Before hurriedly deleting his linkedin profile, he proudly displayed his college education and association with Organizing for America:
Krupp Organizing For America

Krupp also quickly deleted his twitter account. Unfortunately for him, favstar, a website that tracks tweets, still retains several of his asinine musings. That includes this one about Occupy Wall Street:
Ethan Krupp Occupy Wall Street

His friend Max Fries detailed on instagram a "jam sesh" he and Pajama Boy had covering Miley Cyrus songs:
Miley Jam Sesh

...As well as Krupp complaining about exhaustion from being a male model:
Ethan Krupp

And if this all isn't enough for you, you can watch his cringe-worthy performance in Organizing For America's ad "Get Ready to Have the Talk:"

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