Tuesday, December 31, 2013

CNN Analyst: It's Okay to Make Racist Jokes about Romney's Black Grandkid 'Because Romney's White'

Speaking with Don Lemon over MSNBC's mockery of Mitt Romney for having an adopted black grandchild, Marc Lamont Hill defended Melissa Harris-Perry's racist jokes by explaining that it's okay because the Romneys are white.

Lemon and Hill began talking about why Hill believes it's okay to make fun of Romney for having an African American grandchild, and if it would be racist for white people to make fun of black people.  According to Hill, it's not okay for whites to make fun of African Americans, but it's okay for Harris-Perry to make fun of Romney hand his grandchild.  Why?  Romney is white!  The exchange is written verbatim below:
Hill: What Fox does and what MSNBC do [sic] are two different things. What black people do and white people do are two different things. I don't think it's a fair comparison.

Lemon: But then you can't say that it's okay if one group of people do it...

Hill: YES YOU CAN! (Laughter) That's where we always disagree! ...

Lemon: You can't have two separate standards for people. If that was a...

Hill: No! It's the same standard, it's a different context!

Later on the segment, Lemon pushed back against Hill.
Lemon: You cannot use a baby to do that. They were using a baby to bring attention to diversity.

Hill: And YOU could argue that THEY were using a baby to bring attention to their... to their political progressivism.

You could physically see Lemon's feelings towards Hill's twisted logic:
Hill and Lemon
At another point in the discussion, Hill called Harris-Perry "brilliant and amazing," and (shock), said that he is a liberal.

You can watch the segment below:

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