Wednesday, November 20, 2013

White House: According to "ThinkProgress" and "NPR," ObamaCare is Smashing Success

The White House, while saying that the launch of the Affordable Care Act was "fumbled," is trying to have its cake and eat it too, by exclaiming that the ACA is, in fact, a success.

In an article on written by Deputy Director of Digital Content for the Office of Digital Strategy Megan Slack, the "successes" of ObamaCare are enumerated. The piece, entitled, Americans Are Getting Covered Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, boldly claims that many Americans are getting better health care at "lower costs," while uninsured people are being signed up by the truck-full.

It begins:
Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Americans all over the country are enrolling in affordable health coverage. Many were unable to get insurance before and many others are signing up for new plans that offer better coverage than what they had before, often at lower costs.

The first source that the article cites for their claim is ThinkProgress, perhaps the most biased and erroneous "news" websites in the country. Then they cite NPR, which is, again, one of the most biased sources of news in our nation.
White House2
Yet even if these sources are reporting the truth, the article is striking in another way: the piece trumpets the ACA's success, and yet is only able to manage five examples. Five whole examples in a system that the President, before the site was launched, predicted would get 39,000 enrollees per day.

It's an extreme low-bar for success: Look at these five whole people! Doesn't that prove that ObamaCare was worth it?

There was no mention in the article of the millions who have lost their insurance because of the Affordable Care Act.

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  1. Successful? I wonder how "successful" they're gonna think obamacare is when hundreds (maybe thousands) of extremely ill people who had their insurance cancelled by obamacare regulations and were unable to obtain and/or afford a new obamacare policy start to DIE after January 1, 2014 because they can no longer obtain health care. Obama and the Democrats are going to have blood on their hands if they persist in trying to implement their totally unworkable legislation.