Thursday, November 21, 2013

At Current Pace, It Will Take 83 Years For All Uninsured in Kansas to Sign Up Through HealthCare.Gov

In October, an extremely minuscule number of people in the entire state of Kansas signed up for insurance through 371. According to the Kansas Health Institute, approximately 369,000 people residing in that state had no insurance at the end of last year.

That means in one month, .1% of uninsured Kansans signed up for insurance through the national site. In other words, at this pace, it will take until 2096 for everyone in Kansas to have health insurance, or 83 years. And, of course, that assumes that the population stays precisely the same for 1,000 months which, of course, it will not.

The good news for Kansas is that, in Oregon, they have it much worse. It will take infinity years for every uninsured person to get a health care plan there via That's because, in over a month and a half, not a single person from Oregon's almost 4,000,000 person population has signed up. Not one. Zero.

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But there is even better news: at least no one in Oregon has had their identity stolen from because no one's been able to use it. In fact, Justin Hadley, a resident of North Carolina, tried to sign up via and was accidentally sent sensitive information about two people living in South Carolina.

And remember, this was three years in the making. And now the government has about a week to fix it all.

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