Monday, November 04, 2013

New Site "" Showcases 100s of Cancellation Letters Received thanks to ObamaCare launched only one month ago, and yet thousands upon thousands of people have started to receive letters telling them that they no longer have insurance at all.  A new site, "," has been created to showcase such letters, and it has already received an avalanche of documents from dissatisfied Americans.

Just today, dozens of documents have been posted, declaring that the individual's health care, once a trusted source, is now cancelled.  Why?  The President's "Affordable" Care Act.

Here are just a few posted today (please note, not all letters were written today; they were simply posted online today):

Cancellation 1 Cancellation 2 Cancellation 3  Cancellation 5

Cancellation 4
And just for good measure:

All names redacted by this site to preserve anonymity. All pictures were taken from


Several more pictures:

Cancellation 7 Cancellation 6

Cancellation 8

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