Monday, November 04, 2013

Central Connecticut State University on Lockdown for "Campus Emergency" UPDATED: A misunderstanding and Halloween prank gone wrong?

UPDATED at 3:09 PM CST by Danny R. Butcher: CCSU police are now confirming that they have 3 people of interest in custody. No weapons have been recovered by police at this time. They are investigating if this incident was a misunderstanding and possible Halloween prank.

UPDATED at 2:23 PM CST by Danny R. Butcher: The all clear has been given by police and the lockdown lifted. Police are saying that 1 person has been arrested, but 3 people were taken away from the campus in handcuffs. We are still waiting on an official statement by police as to how many suspects there may actually be. Classes have been cancelled for the rest of the day.

UPDATED at 1:53 PM CST by Danny R. Butcher: A suspect as been arrested and taken into custody. An eyewitness took this picture of the suspect after he was arrested:

UPDATED at 1:15 PM CST by Danny R. Butcher: The campus lockdown came after a report of a suspicious and possibly armed person on the campus. There are reports that a possible suspect has been contained, but not captured on the campus.

Two students who witnessed the suspect walking into a campus building, said they saw a man wearing kneepads and body armor, carrying a gun and Japanese-style sword.

"He had the knee pads on, like you see on a military man. It looked like he had a gun strapped on him," one of the students said.

"The police are taking care that the public are safe. We have very capable personnel actively engaged in responding to the situation," New Britain Mayor Tim O'Brien said.


Original post:

The school is saying that it is not a drill. More information as we get it here.
"We will communicate when we have more info.This is not a drill," officials tweeted around noon.

A few minutes later, the university tweeted "students please stay inside your buildings until instructed to do otherwise.

Campus officials did not immediately return phone calls from Eyewitness News. However, officials kept updated the university Twitter account, reminding students to stay indoors and away going near windows.

It is unclear if anyone was injured and unknown exactly what has occurred.

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