Monday, September 16, 2013

Washington Naval Yard Shooter Named Identified as Abeed al Mahmood

Abeed Al Mahmood has been identified as the suspect in the Washington Naval Yard shooting. Not much is known about him. He is identified as a 50 year old with some involvement with the Navy. One report has him as a Naval Officer while another has him as a civilian employee. He apparently had some job issues-- unclear if fired or retired.

UPDATE: Not clear if different person, but now id'd as Rollie Chance. More info here.

UPDATE: Suspect #1 now identified as Aaron Alexis.


  1. Why don't you hold up until the facts are in. From Abeed to Rollie is a pretty big change.

    1. that name has even been retracted since.

    2. Bet you're all over NBC/CBS too for it's inaccurate reporting of Rollie Chance. Oh wait.... no, probably not.

  2. Not much is known? Well NOTHING is known as this is the only place reporting this on the entire net.

  3. well what do you know. the 'pundit ""press"" ' is completely wrong.