Monday, September 16, 2013

Aaron Alexis Facebook Information 9/16/2013

After two false positives, it appears that Aaron Alexis is, in fact, the shooter at the Washington Naval Yard. He is a 34 year old contractor with the military. His motives are not clear at the moment.

He does not seem to have a facebook account. If we can track one down, we'll post information.

Some more info:

Update: The Navy is saying that he was a reservist from 2007-2011. His hometown is NYC. This is coming from Bloomberg News.

Credit to one of our commenters for pointing out a seeming FB profile.

More here.


  1. It looks like he had one at one time, but it's already been taken down. Here is the cached version:

  2. yea im using all the images they have of him and nothing is coming up but a couple seemed to have broken links to the attached image

  3. Evicted in Tarrant County, Texas in 2010.