Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Homefront Review

So two years after release, I recently picked up a copy of Homefront, a futuristic reality depicting an unified Korea as a global superpower that after the U.S. staggers due to war in the Middle East and a debilitating economic recession, succumbs to this unified Korean war machine in an imperialist path similar to Japan's rise in the 1940's.

And I must say, despite the GameStop associate's attempt to dissuade me from purchasing the game, Homefront was really worth the time I put into it, although I do have a few gripes with the shortness of aforementioned time.

But let's focus on the positives first.

The layout for a superpower Korea is freaking creepy, mainly because the early timeline seems to be following reality right now - from King Jun Il's death to North Korean nuclear testing - it is lining up too perfectly for my liking... If the two Korea's somehow unite in the next five years, I'll fucking shit myself.

Even better was the depiction of occupied America. From the cheesy propaganda to the executions of resistors in the public square to former veterans being relocated to "education camps," and the overall harshness of occupation, this game does a damn fine job of making you hate your enemy in this game and in light of recent events, real life.

It was just a game that set the conditions perfectly to make them both believable as an observer and enjoyable as a gamer.

But now to my gripes...

You only played in three locations: an occupied city in Colorado, an open space in Colorado and the Golden Gate Bridge. And even worse, just as you survive an enemy assault on your position on the Golden Gate, being saved by your one comrade's last act of sacrifice. the game ends with a English telecast informing you of victory....

....Wait, what? Yup, you don't actually take part in the liberation of San Francisco, just the Battle for the Golden Gate Bridge that you busted your ass for half an hour taking from those North Korean bastards.

Pissed doesn't remotely come close to describing my feelings when that occurred. I literally stared at my screen in silent angry at the idiot who decided leaving you on a cliffhanger was a good idea. No asshole, you should give us some form of resolution to our gaming experience after we just watched the fall of a loyal comrade.

But, it's only a video game, so I digress.

In summary, Homefront is a really well thought out and enjoyable video game, despite the annoying ending and short runtime, and I can't wait for the sequel to be released next year, hopefully bringing the end to Kim Jung Un's reign of terror in the world.

What say you?

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