Thursday, May 23, 2013

UPDATE: Michael "Mujahid" Adebolajo Information: Confirmed as London Woolwich Attacker 5/23/2013

Michael Adeboloja is reportedly one of the London attackers. He allegedly answers to his Muslim name "Mujahid," or "one who fights Jihad." He is reportedly the man in the video alone. Word is that he is a Muslim convert.

Someone claiming to be his friend has identified him on Twitter. His family is originally Nigerian. There are not many things on Google about the man, who has not been officially identified by the police. Reports and video show him bragging over the murder, praising God for the death of an alleged British soldier.

UPDATE: Photo here.


More info here:

I knew Mujahid had changed, last time I saw him, he had memorized so much Quran & was very strict & precise on his worship & manners
— Abu Nusaybah (@AbuNusaybahUK) May 22, 2013

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